At the moment we have four different shows in our repertour. All with it's own unique material, themes, acts and artists. Talanglös, Minnet, Ljudspår and Best of.

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TALANGLÖS - Translates roughly to Talent-less. Peter finished top 3 in 2022 edition of Sweden got Talent and now gives a full length performance with some of those signature acts performed of the show plus plenty of more mind boggling, funny, stressy and spectacular acts. Read more at Scenkonstportalen.


MINNET, which in Swedish means - the memory, is a one man show about your memory. Peter shows us with different demonstrations and tricks what our memory really is capable of.

More info can be found at Scenkonstportalen


LJUDSPÅR is our newest show. A 30 minute musical adventure for a younger audience. Two jugglers show that you can create music with just your two hands and a lot of imagination.

Together with a programmable musical machine they creat both beautiful melodies as well as complex patterns in the air.

Read more at Scenkonstportalen.


BEST OF is a show made to fit almost any place or situation. It's a collection of the best acts and numbers from Peter's 20 years as a performer.

It's 60 min in it's original form but can be adapted from 45-75 min. Full of high class juggling and mind bending tricks in high tempo it's a perfect show for any age and any place.

You can find more info at Scenkonstportalen.